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The Greater Cincinnati Area Perl Mongers Group

Who Are the Cincinnati Perl Mongers?

We are a local Perl Mongers group for the greater Cincinnati, Ohio area. We meet monthly with alternating social gatherings and presentations and discussions.

The Mailing List

If you are interested in joining or hearing about, please join the mailing list. It is low volume. One can subscribe to the mailing list by visiting

Meeting Times

2012 Meetings:

Hive13 is in the Anchor Building, 2929 Spring Grove Ave, Cincinnati, OH. Look for the glass block window that is lit up with LEDs. The door is located directly below it. Go in and up the stairs to the right. If the door is shut call us at (513)593-9292 to let you in or wait for someone to arrive and let you in.

Who (re)Started This Group?

During one of the weekly meetings at the hackerspace a bunch of us mentioned using Perl then some of us started talking about having our own meetings.